You control Blood and Bones. Gather material, unite, and withstand infected tissues.

How to play

When separated, gather resources that will be both your defense and your projectiles. Come to your partner and unite in order to protect yourselves!

WASD - Blood's movement
Arrows - Bones' movement
E - unite (when close to the other half) / disunite
LMB - shoot (united form, if enough material)
Escape - pause game
One projectile uses 1 piece of blood and 1 piece of bone.


Riptide - sound design, promo art
spoonsweet - in-game art, game design
John Ivess - coding, game design


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kinda hard, the art is pretty neat

I see this more as a two-player game.   if you gave a light attack to one of the characters and defensive ability to the other then I can see this be fun with 2 people.  also when they join forces you can have one player control movement and use the ability then the other handles shooting death rays kind of like a tank turret.


That's some really good ideas here. Thank you for telling them!


You followed an idea to its execution well. I think you should rewatch "Follow the Fun" by Mark Brown - rather than focusing on your idea - which may seem good but in practice not so much for the player, focus on gameplay! The most sustainable strategy for me playing this game was to get both characters to run in circles around the map together collecting more health. Defeats the point of having two characters! Basically the mechanics create dynamism and interesting balances to manage, but the actual gameplay of managing that balance should be improved.

Yes, it is indeed the problem of the game. After I released it, I realized I pushed the idea so far that I forgot about the joy the player should get from gameplay.

You are very right! Thanks for playing, and thanks for your kind feedback.

It's a nice game nonetheless and the art, animations, sound, music is all of good quality :)

Literal dog water dude. cool music, good art, but the gameplay is terrible.